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Fuel injection pump is an important part of automobile diesel engine. The fuel injection pump assembly is usually a whole composed of fuel injection pump, governor and other components installed together. Among them, the governor is a component that guarantees the low-speed operation of the diesel engine and the limitation of the maximum speed, and ensures that a certain relationship between the injection volume and the speed is maintained. The fuel injection pump is the most important part of the diesel engine and is regarded as the “heart” part of the diesel engine. Once it goes wrong, the entire diesel engine will malfunction.
(1) Use good diesel and filter to ensure highly clean into diesel fuel injection pump.
In general, the diesel engine of diesel oil filtration demands than gasoline engine for the filtration of petrol is much higher, and meets the requirements should be chosen when use brand diesel, and at least 48 h after precipitation. To strengthen the cleaning and maintenance of diesel filter, clean or replace filter in time; The diesel oil tank cleaning in time according to the work environment conditions, thoroughly remove sludge at the bottom of the tank and the water, any impurities in diesel fuel injection pump plunger, delivery valve matching parts and transmission parts cause serious corrosion or wear and tear.
(2) Regularly check the amount of oil in the fuel injection pump oil pools and their quality is in line with the requirements.
Every time before start the diesel engine shall check the quantity and quality of fuel injection pump in the oil situation (except on engine fuel injection pump of forced lubrication), to ensure that the oil enough, the quality is good. If the oil mixed with water or diesel and metamorphism, light person plunger and delivery valve couple early wear, causing shortages of diesel engine power start-up difficulties, serious when plunger and delivery valve couple corrosion rust. Inside the pump leakage, the oil valve working poor, oil transfer pump wear, sealing ring is damaged, tappet and shell can make diesel oil leakage into the pool and dilute oil, so should be replaced according to the quality of the oil situation in a timely manner. When changing oil pools to make a thorough cleaning, the oil of the bottom sludge impurities such as clean or use oil for a long time and goes bad. Oil is too much or too little, the number of speed governor of excessive fuel can lead to “ride” diesel engine, fuel and too little will lead to bad lubrication, the oil or oil flat screw shall prevail. When the diesel engine when not in use for a long time, be sure to check whether there is water inside the pump oil pool oil, diesel and other impurities, should be replaced immediately, if any, or due to long time storage, moisture to make plunger, delivery valve couple corrosion jammed and scrap.
(3) Check regularly adjust the fuel injection pump fuel delivery advance Angle and each cylinder oil supply Angle
When use, due to the loose coupling connection bolt, CAM and the roller body parts of wear, often lead to fuel delivery advance Angle and each cylinder oil change interval Angle, make the diesel combustion becomes bad, the performance and fuel economy of diesel engine, start the difficulties at the same time, running instability, a sound and overheating, etc. In be used actually, most drivers pay attention to the overall inspection adjustment of fuel supply advance Angle, but neglected the oil supply interval Angle of single pump fuel supply advance Angle adjustment) (relating to the inspection, cause the overall adjusted while the first cylinder injection timing, but the rest each cylinder due to the camshaft, partly due to the wear of wheel driving part make the oil supply is not necessarily timing, will also lead to difficult, power diesel engine started Insufficiency, the operation is not smooth. So for using fuel injection pump for a longer time, more to pay attention to in inspection of oil supply interval Angle adjustment.

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