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We can supply most of the Chinese brand Starter, Chinese JMC FORD engine Starter, Chinese WEICHAI Engine Starter, Chinese Cummins Engine Starter, Chinese Yuchai Engine Starter, Chinese Cummins Engine Starter, Chinese JAC Engine Starter, Chinese ISUZU Engine  Starter, Chinese Yunnei  Engine Starter, Chinese Chaochai Engine  Starter, Chinese Shangchai Engine Starter.

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Starter: The principle of the starter is to convert the electrical energy of the battery into mechanical energy.
Starter: The starter is composed of magnetic field (stator), armature (rotor) and commutator.
Starter: The power source of the starter is battery or DC power.
Starter: The starter is usually used to start large internal combustion engines.
Engine starting a lot of methods, the car engine starter motor is commonly used as a mechanical power, when the gear on the motor shaft and the engine flywheel ring gear meshing of peripheral, incentive to the crankshaft, flywheel and rotation. Motor and battery itself as an energy source, at present most automobile engines are started by motor. USES the function of a excited dc motors, starter motor rotor and the stator part is done with relatively thick rectangular section of copper wire wound as; Driving mechanism adopts gear structure; Operating mechanism adopts the electromagnetic magnet method. The composition structure of the starter
Starter generally consists of three parts
(1) The function of a excited dc motors, it is made of the armature, the magnetic poles, of housing, brush and brush holder, its function is to produce torque.
(2) The transmission mechanism, the drive gear, roller clutch fork, mesh and other components of the spring, installed in shaft spline parts of the starter motor. Startup, the actuator offshoring grooves along the starter drive gear shaft and the flywheel ring gear meshing, will have a torque motor, through the flywheel is passed to the engine crankshaft, make the engine start; After start-up, flywheel speed increase, through high-speed drive gear drive motor shaft rotation, motor speed. Therefore, after the engine starting, driving mechanism should drive gear and the motor off, to prevent the motor speed.
(3) The control unit used to connect and cut the starter circuit between the battery. On some cars, but also has access to additional resistance and insulation in addition to the ignition coil.

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