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We can supply most of the Chinese brand oil cooler, Chinese JMC FORD engine Oil cooler, Chinese WEICHAI Engine Oil cooler, Chinese Cummins Engine Oil cooler, Chinese Yuchai Engine Oil cooler , Chinese Cummins Engine Oil cooler, Chinese JAC Engine Oil cooler, Chinese ISUZU Engine Oil cooler, Chinese Yunnei Engine Oil cooler, Chinese Chaochai Engine Oil cooler, Chinese Shangchai Engine Oil cooler.

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Because there are many kinds of spare parts, we can’t display them all on the website. Please feel free to contact us for specific ones.


1. We supply both original and aftermarket products for you
2. From the manufacturer to the customer directly, saving your cost
3. Stable stock for normal parts
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oil cooler classification
① Engine oil cooler: cools the lubricating oil of the engine, keeps the temperature of the oil reasonable (90-120 degrees), and the viscosity is reasonable; the installation position is in the cylinder block of the engine, and it is installed integrally with the housing during installation.
②Transmission oil cooler: It cools the lubricating oil of the transmission. It is installed in the lower water chamber of the engine radiator or outside the transmission case. If it is air-cooled, it is installed on the front side of the radiator.
③ Retarder oil cooler: It cools the lubricating oil when the retarder is working, and is installed outside the gearbox.
On the other hand, they are mostly shell-and-tube or water-oil composite products.
④ Exhaust gas recirculation cooler: It is a device used to cool part of the exhaust gas returned to the engine cylinder, the purpose is to reduce the content of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas of the car.
⑤ Radiator cooler module: It is a device that can simultaneously cool multiple objects or some objects such as cooling water, lubricating oil, compressed air, etc. The cooling module adopts a highly integrated design idea, with full functions, full size, small size, and intelligence. High performance characteristics.
⑤Air cooler, also called intercooler, is a device used to cool the high temperature and high pressure air after the engine is supercharged. Through the cooling of the intercooler, the temperature of the supercharged air can be reduced, thereby increasing the density of the air, so as to achieve the purpose of engine power, fuel consumption and emission reduction.
The function of the oil cooler is to cool the lubricating oil and keep the oil temperature within the normal working range. In the high-power enhanced engine, due to the large heat load, an oil cooler must be installed. When the engine is running, the viscosity of the oil becomes thinner with the increase in temperature, which reduces the lubricating ability. Therefore, some engines are equipped with an oil cooler, whose function is to reduce the temperature of the oil and maintain a certain viscosity of the lubricating oil. The oil cooler is arranged in the circulating oil circuit of the lubrication system.

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