AP3VO95CDLN Hydraulic pump piston pump A11V095LRDS excavator spare part

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Coding Parameters Adapted models
3040103565 95 pump/13T 8-9 excavator, Lonking 85, Zhonglian 85, Lovol 85





100% through shaft drive hydraulic pump

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AP3VO95CDLN/20R-A1N4CMN hydraulic pumping plunger pump is a hand-through shaft swash plate variable axial plunger pump, which can be connected to a plunger pump or gear pump of the same specification. It adopts a cone cylinder pressure plate to assist the return structure and has a structure Compact, high power density and strong anti-pollution ability. The integrated design of the control valve can realize the control functions of constant power, pressure cut-off and load sensitivity. It is suitable for 8-10T hydraulic excavators and various hydraulic open circuit construction machinery, hydraulic industrial equipment and concrete equipment.

Pressure Main pump displacement Cut off pressure Rated speed Maximum flow Load sensing pressure
35 rated 40 peak MPa 93.5ml/r 35MPa 2350r/min 220L/min 1.8±0.2MPa


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This series of pumps are suitable for the following models:

Brand Model
CAT E320, E325C, E315C, E330C, E315D, E320D, E325D, E330D, E360D, E70B E120B, E200B, E320B, E330B
EX EX200-2, EX220-2, EX120-5, EX200-5, EX220-5, EX400-5, ZAXIS200-3, ZAXIS210-3, ZAXIS 240-3, ZAXIS270-3, ZAXIS 330-3, ZAXIS 360-3ZAXIS110 ZAXIS 120, ZX200-6
KOBELCO SK200-3, SK200-5, SK135RS, SK70RS, SK60, SK120-5, SK200-8, SK260-8, SK130-8,SK200-6E,SK210-6E, SK160
Volvo EC140B,EC210B,EC240B,EC290B,EC360B,EC460B
Daewoo DH215-5,DH200-5-7,DH150LC-7,DH258LC-7
Sumitomo SH120A2/A3,SH200A2/A3,SH210A5,SH240A3,SH360A5
Hyundai R1107-7,R160-7,R215-7,R225-7,R225LC-7,R350-7,R110-9,R215-9, R275LC-9
Kubota KX155, KX135, KX161-3
Komatsu PC60-6,PC200-6,PC220-6,PC200-7,PC220-7,PC360-7,PC200-8, PC210-8, PC240-8



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