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We can supply most of the Chinese brand taillight assembly, XCMG concrete pump taillight assembly, XCMG 37meters HB37 concrete pump taillight assembly, XCMG Hb39k 39m Truck Mounted Concrete taillight assembly, XCMG Hb41 Hb41A 41m Truck Mounted Concrete Pump taillight assembly, XCMG Hb43k 43m Concrete Pump Truck taillight assembly, Hb46A 46m Truck Mounted Concrete taillight assembly, XCMG Hb48b 48m Truck Mounted Concrete Pump taillight assembly SANY 37m concrete pump taillight assembly, SANY43m concrete pump taillight assembly, SANY52m concrete pump taillight assembly Zoomlion 56X-6RZ 56m concrete pump taillight assembly, Zoomlion 23X-4Z 23m concrete pump taillight assembly etc

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Installed on both ends of the head of the vehicle, used for lighting at night or when the vehicle is driving on dimly lit roads, including lamp housings, fog lights, turn signals, headlights, lines, etc. The entire driving lighting system is collectively called taillight assembly.

The headlight assembly also includes a width indicator light for driving in the evening and night. To tell other drivers, their location. Played a safety role at night. The headlight is installed in the middle of the headlight assembly. Generally speaking, the headlight of a car is a light bulb with a near and high beam filament inside, so you only need to control the light to switch the light harness between near and far. At present, the headlights of many cars have been equipped with automatic light controllers. The beam can be adjusted automatically when meeting cars. Play without interfering with each other. Improved driving safety.

The taillight assembly, which covers multiple types of car lights, is combined into an assembly. The taillights of the vehicle act as a reminder to inform the following vehicle of the traveling state of the preceding vehicle at this time, so as to avoid accidents. At present, the taillights mostly adopt LED lamp body groups with beautiful appearance, high luminous efficiency, so that the car behind can see the driving state of the car in front more clearly.

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